Our Vision

"To be the most effective youth leadership organization in the world."

Our aim is more than just creating leaders—it's about reshaping the global landscape by empowering the next generation to lead with vision, purpose, and passion.

Our Mission

"To establish at least one resource center in every state of America, and in every country."

In our endeavor to create world-class leaders, we recognize the importance of accessibility and inclusivity. By establishing resource centers globally, we're ensuring every youth, regardless of their location, has an opportunity to access our transformative programs.

Our Genesis

Though Stage One In Action is a fledgling entity, our ambition and drive are rooted in decades of collective experience and the identified need for a groundbreaking youth leadership initiative. Our inception is born from the idea that with the right guidance, every young individual can rise, lead, and influence positive change.

Our Approach

Harnessing the power of philanthropy, we deliver comprehensive Youth Leadership Development programs at no cost to our participants. Our programs are not just about instilling leadership qualities, but about forging holistic individuals who are well-rounded, socially conscious, and ready to make their mark in the world.

Embrace our four cornerstones and witness growth


Personal Development

Develop a better sense of self-awareness and identify your core values.


Talent Development

Magnify and enhance your unique skills.


Professional Development

Become career ready and be prepared for global opportunities.


Community Involvement

Be a true influencer (role model) in your community through leadership.

Join Our Journey

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey, whether as a participant, supporter, or advocate. Together, let's mold leaders who are not only successful in their endeavors but are also the harbingers of positive change globally.